Pay Research Bureau

Communiqué – Extension of deadlines for Circular Letter Nos. S1, S1 (a), S2 and S2 (a)

In the context of the forthcoming PRB Report, the Bureau had issued Circular Letter Nos. S1,S1 (a), S2 and S2 (a) whereby Federations of Public Sector Unions and Staff Associations/Unions have been requested to submit their representations/proposals. The deadlines for submissions from Federations and Unions, dated 20 August 2023 and 02 October 2023 respectively, have already lapsed.

Further, it was highlighted in the relevant Circular Letters that in case no written submission is obtained from Federations/ Unions by the closing date, it would be assumed that they have no representations for the next PRB Report.

As per the records of the Bureau, it has been noted that some Federations and Unions have still not yet submitted their proposals and there have been several requests for extension of due dates from Staff Associations/Unions

In that connection, the Bureau is informing its stakeholders that an extension of the deadlines for Circular Letter Nos. S1, S1 (a), S2 and S2 (a) up to 31 December 2023 is being granted. Where no communication is received from stakeholders by 31 December 2023, the Bureau will have no alternative than to assume that they have no representation/request for the 2026 PRB Report.​


24 November 2023

Communiqué – 2026 PRB Report

Public Officers are informed that Government has given the green light for the PRB to embark on the preparation of its next Report regarding the review of pay, grading structures and conditions of service in the Public Sector.

In that connection, preliminary meetings with Federations would be scheduled in the coming weeks in the first instance.

Circulars for updating of information would be issued to Managements of Civil Service, Parastatal Bodies, Local Authorities and Rodrigues Regional Assembly shortly.

For further details, you may phone the Secretary, Pay Research Bureau on 2084200 during working hours.​